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Products > LED Aquarium light > > ESL-55X3W LED Aquarium Panel
ESL-55X3W LED Aquarium Panel
ESL-55X3W LED Aquarium Panel ESL-55X3W LED Aquarium Panel
Product name : ESL-55X3W LED Aquarium Panel
Product No. : ESL-55X3W LED Aquarium Light
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We can Customize LED rato/Spectrum according to  your need  .
Warranty : 
Any quality problem with our products 
Non-artificial damage, 3 YEARS warranty.
We are the First one who makes and design like this Models in the World .
Max Power: 55X3W
Size: 400*200*60(MM)/15.7x7.87x2.36"
Input Voltage :AC 100-240V 
Working Environment :-20~40℃,45%~95%RH
Working Frequency :50/60HZ
Net weight 3.4KG /7.5 lb
Life Span 50,000 Hours
Inner box Size L430X92X270(MM) /17x3.62x10.6"      GW 3.51KG(7.73 lb)/PCS
Carton Box Size 440*378*280(MM)/17.32x14.88x11.02" GW 14.5KG(31.96 lb)/4PCS

55X3W LED Aquarium light
Height (Inch)     
7.87"(20 cm)       LUX Reading 36000 lux    PAR Reading 1170
15.748"(40 cm)   LUX Reading 20000 lux    PAR Reading 650
23.622"(60 cm)   LUX Reading 12000 lux     PAR Reading 365
31.496"(80 cm)    LUX Reading 7800 lux       PAR Reading 220
39.370"(100 cm)  LUX Reading 5200 lux       PAR Reading 160
47.244"(120 cm)  LUX Reading 3850 lux         PAR Reading 106

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