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Products > LED Aquarium light > > 60W LED Aquarium light bar
60W LED Aquarium light bar
60W LED Aquarium light bar 60W LED Aquarium light bar 60W LED Aquarium light bar
Product name : 60W LED Aquarium light bar
Product No. : ESL-GB-26X3W
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Wireless Remote Dimmable LED Aquarium Bar Available .
We can Customize LED rato/Spectrum according to  your need  .
Warranty : 
Any quality problem with our products 
Non-artificial damage, 3 YEARS warranty.

 LED Aquarium bar : 
LED chips we use :
LED Chip Wavelength :Warm white , Cool white ,Normal White :2700K-12000K ,Blue 430nm,460nm
LED Chip Brand : For White , Bridgelux . For blue , Epistar . 3W are mainly used .
For Cree and Oscram LED chips , if you  want us  to make with Cree LED chips and Oscram led chips or other famous ones ,we can
do as your request . 
In the market , there are some our Chinese led chips copies , espercially Cree ones . They Copy Cree led chips , but they told you that they are Cree LED chips . 
(They tell the customers that 
they use Cree , Oscram and other famous LED chips , but those led chips are actually fake ones ,
but it's difficult for 
customers to know whether they are real or not ).
Now , don't worry about that , If you can send those Cree led chips we use on our LED Lights to Cree branch's Lab 

for checking in the world , we will be happy that what you will do . 
If you need to confirm whether ours are  real Bridgelux or Epistar  , then you can send the led chips on our led lights you get from us to the Epistar Lab for checking . They are happy to send you the test report to you directly . 

Fixture Size: 36"
Fits Aquariums: 36"-42"
Dimensions: Longth 36” x Width 2.75” x Height 1.3”
Net weight :1.5 KG (3.30 lb)
Max Power: 60 Watts
LEDs: Bridgelux LED chips , Cree LED chip .

Par Data : 
Height (Inch)         Item                                              Height (Inch)         Item
7.87"(20 cm)         PAR Reading 265                         7.87"(20 cm)        16760 Lux
11.81"(30 cm)       PAR Reading 188                       11.81"(30 cm)        10600 Lux
15.748"(40 cm)     PAR Reading 134                     15.748"(40 cm)        7760 Lux
23.622"(50 cm)     PAR Reading 86                        23.622"(50 cm)       4690 Lux

Detailed Products Spec , we are happy to send you by emails directly if you are interested and send us emails . 


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