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UL LED Grow tube
Product name : UL LED Grow tube
Product No. : GT-22W
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Item Number: GT- T8-22W  1200 WINS
Driver Internal driver/External driver
Voltage: 100~277V ac/ Max.37V dc

WW: 1,820lm/ CW: 2,110lm

Lense  Option: Frosted/ Transparent/ Striated PC
Dimension: Φ26 *1200 mm
Weight: 700 g
LED Type/ QTY: SMD 3528/ 336pcs
Power Consumption:

22.0 W

1. ESL-T8-22W1200 WINS: Internal driver,no-dimmable and single end power, 100-277V ac

2.ESL-T8-22W1200 WIDS: Internl driver,dimmable and single end power,100-277V ac

3. ESL-T8-22W1200 WONZ: External driver,no-dimmable and both single end power and two end power, Max. 37V dc

4.ESL-T8-22W1200 WONZ: External driver,dimmable and both single end power and two end power, Max. 37V dc

5. Color temperature: 2700-7000K

6 Bean Angle: 150

7. Certificate: Certification: CE, Rohs, UL




Item Designates Represented by Sub Representing
1 LED rating W A = rated 2.9-3.4 V, max. 30 mA.
B = rated 2.9-3.4 V, max. 70 mA.
2 Self-ballasted or not I/O O = external power supply.
I = Self-ballasted(internal power supply.
3 dimmer or not Y N = Not suitable for dimmer.
D = Suitable for dimmer.
4 End Caps Power Option Z  S = Only one end Power.
T = Double end Power.

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